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Roof Coatings

Protect your home's most valuable asset and add value to your property.

Cement Tile Roof Coats

Due to the effects of oxidisation over time, cement tile roofs can quickly fade and lose the initial shine and impressive look of the factory new coating.

Not only is this aesthetically unpleasing, the deterioration of the initial factory coating can also lead to increased absorbtion of water into the body of the roof tile. In some cases the increase in weight can be 20% of their original weight. A roof coating application will properly seal faded cement tiles and also add obvious improvement to the overall presentation and capital value of your house.

Terracotta Clear Glaze

A clear glaze on a terracotta tile roof can enhance and accentuate the classical look of these tiles as well as restrict future lichen and moss growth common to these tiles.

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About Perth Roof Repairs

Perth Roof Repairs provide a variety of high quality roofing maintenance services to clients throughout the Perth Metropolitan area.

The areas of our roofing maintenance work include:

  • Roof coats
    Beautify and protect your house with a stunning roof coat.
  • Roof ridge cap repairs
    Prevention of water leaks and risk of ridgegaps being dislodged in storm conditions.
  • Broken roof tile replacement
    Have us check your roof for broken roof tiles and prevent suprise roof leaks when the first rains of winter arrive. A roof check for broken roof tiles is especially recommended if other work has been carried out on your roof.
  • General roof leak tracing
    Benefit from 20 years of experience in tracing roof leaks.
  • Laying sisulation paper over low pitched areas of roofs for water proofing
    Prevent water leakage problems in low pitched areas and increase the insulation properties of these areas
  • Tiled roof maintenance
    Sign up for our regular yearly maintainence program.
  • Replacement of valleys and flashing repairs
    Pay attention to this area of roof maintenance to prevent surprise roof leaks from rusted valleys and flashings.
  • Gutter cleaning
    Sign up for our yearly service
  • Gutter guard installation
    Keep leaves out of gutters with our custom gutter gaurd product.